Tera Patrick Sopping Wet and Naked Outdoors

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sensuous and exotic, Tera Patrick is all naked and wet as she hangs out by her tree, and this horny babe can’t keep her hands off herself. She has the fever and wants to be fucked by a big strong man like you. She shows off her ass and spreads her pussy, her nipples hard and her slit wet and ready. Her hair hangs in wet tendrils around her pretty face and if you could hear her, you’d know that she is softly moaning with desire.

Tera Patrick needs your big cock inside her, fucking her against the tree while she howls in horny pleasure!

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Tera Patrick Babe in Sheer Wrap Strips and Plays With Pussy

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tera Patrick has her hair piled high and her body barely covered in a sheer wrap. Her nipples and everything else can be seen through the gauzy fabric and she looks so statuesque and sexy standing there. She bends over and her lush ass is beautiful, and so are those astoundingly long legs. She bares her titties and pussy, relaxing back with legs spread.

Getting completely naked, Tera Patrick loves to touch herself while you watch. She masturbates as she fantasizes about you stroking your big thick cock just for her and the fantasy makes her cum even harder, gushing pussy juice!

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Tera Patrick Official Site

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tera Patrick wants to prove that she’s the most seductive pornstar on the net and you get all the proof inside her Official Site:

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Tera Patrick Gets Cock in Hardcore Positions

Friday, March 8, 2013

Tera Patrick has herself a boy toy and she’s ready to have a lot of fun with him. She’s really aching for his gigantic cock and she wants it deep in her pussy. She loves to lick and suck him with a good blowjob before feeling all that man meat sliding deep into her wet pussy where she needs it.

This hardcore pornstar is very limber and can get in a number of incredible positions for her lover. He fucks her as deep and hard as she wants until she cums like a pussy juice rocket. Tera Patrick then sucks her lover hard to fuck him again.

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Tera Patrick is a Sex Goddess in Pink and Black

Monday, September 3, 2012

Lovely Tera Patrick looks great both in and out of clothes. When the clothes she is wearing are built for sex, she’s even better. Wearing a tight pink shirt that hugs every bit of her large plushy titties and a tiny pair of barely there black panties, Tera is looking seriously hot to trot.

Along with her high pink boots just made for stomping on unsuspecting males, she also looks tough – a soft and sexy girl who could put some serious hurting on you if she wanted.

It’s such a turn-on to look at a woman like this, and when she slides those panties down and opens up her thighs to show you that pink cooch, it’s enough to make you fill your pants with cum. But don’t waste it like that. Grab that bad boy out of your pants and have yourself a good wank! How can you help it, with inspiration like this?

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Tera Patrick is Pretty In Pink By The Pool

Monday, August 20, 2012

Check out hot-assed Tera Patrick. She’s looking quite fetchingly slutty decked out in hot pink short skirt, barely there shirt, and thigh high boots. She came out to the pool to lounge in the sun but the heat has her feeling pretty horny. She does love posing for you. Her long hair tumbling over her shoulders just adds to her fuckability and she can hardly wait to remove her stifling clothes.

When she kneels down you can see that underneath that skirt, she’s completely bare. Panties are just too much of a bother when you’re this hot. She prefers her pussy to be as easily accessed as possible so she can stroke it and tease it to her hearts content.

When she’s good and wet, she lays down, hoping that you’ll take a hint and drive that big cock home. What are you waiting for?

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Tera Patrick is Freshly Sunned and Ready for Action

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tera Patrick just came in from sunning herself on the beach and she is looking good in her pink and black bikini. Her soft flesh is feeling all tingly and she’s needing to be touched badly.

She starts stripping out of her suit as soon as she sees you there looking at her, exposing her ripe breasts and stiff nipples and then sliding her bikini bottoms off to share her tantalizing pussy with you. This is one woman who will not be denied when she has needs that have to be fulfilled.

With her beauty, she can have just about any man she wants, but right now, she wants you. Are you man enough to handle a woman this hot and ready for action? Grab that bad boy and show her what you’re made of.

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Tera Patrick Makes Sucking Cock an Art Form

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tera Patrick is one hot and horny bitch and when she gets hungry for cock, she can do some serious feasting. This lucky stud is finding out just how talented Tera’s mouth is when she gets busy licking and sucking and deep throating his hard shaft.

With her breasts bare and her hand stroking her wet pussy, she is a picture of female lust that makes his cock swell up as hard and big as possible. Tera loves to slide her tongue along the vein that runs underneath, and she enjoys the moans she hears from him as she teases his cock with her soft lips and tongue.

This kind of talent deserves to be enjoyed slowly until the urge to cum is just too overpowering to resist. Then he’ll shoot his hot load all over her willing face and mouth.

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Tera Patrick Looking Good in Red Bondage Ropes

Monday, July 9, 2012

When you see gorgeous Tera Patrick all tied up, it starts all kinds of fantasies in your mind. She lifts her arms above her head and you can imagine them anchored to a wall, leaving all that gorgeous flesh exposed and at your bidding.

When she sits quietly and hugs her knees close to her, her vulnerability is tantalizing. It’s enough to make a man ache down to his toes with desire. She tempts you and teases you with her hot body all tied up and ready for action.

You could just have your way and slide deep inside when you both are all ready. She’s a dream just waiting to happen.

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Tera Patrick Simply Stunning

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tera Patrick is a legend in the porn industry for a reason. All it takes is for the sultry-eyed seductress to be present for a world of desire to be unleashed.

There is no fancy set here, no extravagant props, or naughty lingerie. Tera poses alone and lets the beauty of her nude body rule the moment.

It is easy to fall in lust with her dreamy face, sumptuous breasts, and inviting pussy.

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Tera Patrick Naughty in Slutty Biker Boots

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tera Patrick makes for one hell of a hot slutty biker babe in these images. Wearing a leather cap and hooker boots, her belt boldly reads “sex” and her nipples are covered by black tape.

Tera is a naughty brunette pornstar with big tits and a pussy just begging to be licked. She spreads her labia to reveal her pink paradise and expresses her ecstasy in pleasured facial expressions.

These images are from Tera Patrick’s film, Tera Tera Tera, her first Teravision/Vivid Feature. It was also the first film where Tera appeared with her husband and the first film that featured Tera in a full girl/girl scene, with Savanna and Felecia.

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Tera Patrick Busts Out of Blak Lace

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tera Patrick is looking especially gorgeous in these solo images. Her dark hair is style flawlessly as a black lace cami hugs her mouthwatering curves. She wears no underwear and her lips, fingernails and toenails are all painted a seductive shade of red.

The busty Asian pornstar gives a sultry stare to the camera and raises one bare sole to point in your direction before bringing out her big breasts and parting her smooth thighs.

With her wet pussy exposed, she inserts an extra long dildo and looks magnificent doing it.

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Tera Patrick Strips Beside a Motorcycle

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tera Patrick takes off black leather and lets you look at her hot natural body on erotic exhibit while reminding us why babes with bikes are so damn sexy.

Opening her leather jacket, her boobs are exposed and look more delicious than ever. She slips her skimpy shorts off over her black boots and reaches down to play with her perfect pussy. Tera gets naked and slides down to the dirt ground where she just can’t keep her hands off of herself.
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Tera Patrick sucks a mean dick

Thursday, June 18, 2009

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Tera Patrick sucks a mean dick in the pool, naughty girl!

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Tera Patrick heats up a shower

Saturday, June 13, 2009

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Tera Patrick heats up the shower in a fishnet dress, wow how HOT!

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